wonder woman drawn with a palette and wearing a redesign I did a while back

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varys is 100% with this wedding

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The New York Subway Signs Experiment

"NYC subways have a strange rule. We took advantage of it."

This is cute. Also, I didn’t know that.


Is it weird that stuff like this makes me cry like I’m almost crying

Because the train isn’t magical and therefore operated by imaginary people. I love this.

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(because i don’t)

tomorrow, i’m seeing bob dylan and i think i might collapse

BOB DYLAN (can you fucking believe it ?)

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"American Royalty" by Sam Spratt commissioned by Childish Gambino

Sam Spratt’s commissioned illustrations for actor/rapper Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino.

"What began as cover art for his mixtape ‘Royalty’ evolved into a series of Rockwell-esque vignettes on Americana meant to highlight the side of hip-hop that tends to take a back seat to “money, cars, and jewelry” – where you come from.

The collection of 10 illustrations cover a wide-spectrum of the little moments – the struggles, the simple pleasures, the risks, the irony, the humor, the hopes, and the realities of the American life that maybe isn’t quite so cookie cutter.” Prints available at

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Tom Hiddleston photographed by Tomo Brejc

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This sums up how I feel perfectly.

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